The CHS - Intensive Stimulation Center in Neurology, is located in Braga and has na area of approximately 8,000 m2, including various specialized gyms for adults and children, where daily applies the therapeutic protocol MIIP - Multi-factorial, Integral , Intensive and Customized.

This center provides assistance to people with special needs, with a specialized and hierarchical, medium and low complexity structure of high skilled professionals, and support of complementary diagnostics and therapeutics, as well as the implementation of specific programs or courses of treatment equipment.


A Holistic Approach Therapy for all ages


MIIP - Multi-Factorial, Integral, Intensive and Costumized, our therapeutic protocol is specially planed and designed and to suply the individual needs.


The universe of health care and services that we offer is fully adapted to the different needs, characteristics of various age groups, allowing interventions from 18 months of age.


In CHS the architecture of our clinical space express, also a holistic view with different atractive areas and highly functional. Was aimed , as intrinsically defined, to provide an environment to revive the dignity of the person, regardless of age or social status. Added to excellent facilities, is a humanized, holistic approach in providing care to our clients.


The wellbeing as the main and most important foundation of our practice.


Humanization is essential to provide the necessary comfort to patients and their family bond, allowing us to use the following maxim: ". Being Human is our Mission"


Thus, our Mission, consolidated by processes can be described:


"Combining the highest level of clinical and therapeutic assistance, research and training to ensure quality care, personalized attention and a deep respect for the dignity of each person and build a referral organization in the provision of health care through the practice of a humanized, excellent and innovative medicine."


The CHS Values


The culture of CHS is based on three core values:

- Full Respect for Life

- Focus on Dignity of the Person

- Attention Holistic, Interdisciplinary and not Discriminatory.


The CHS is a unique clinical-therapeutic unit in origin, design and development as organizational project, being noticeable in its vision and action throughout the organization and, in particular, in its values, as dynamism, sense of group, involvement, integrity and trust.


The entire power generated by these attributes must have, the ability to raise and firm in pacientes the recognition of who we are and what we do, with the actual knowledge that the vision and principles that guide our business translate in acts that create quality of life.




While emblem of our conduct, with its own personality, four people come together forming a rosace in an act of intimacy and sharing, something so essential in human life. The circular shapes and color tones convey the harmonious relations between people,pacients and health professionals.